Is the collection scientific research, development, production, trade as one of the metallurgical chemical industry group company, have a first-class technical staff, advanced production technology and independent intellectual property rights and perfect quality test system.
         Head office is located in zhengzhou, was established in February 1987, with the liaoning fly peng peng industrial co., LTD., zhengzhou peng fly metallurgy refractories co., LTD., zhengzhou new refractory material co., LTD., zhengzhou FengKai four companies such as refractory material co., LTD., liaoning peng fly industrial co., LTD is specializing in the production of refractory materials, grinding tool, our mould of consolidation...                           more>>

Have a product to continuously create the wealth to the world;
Have a company one by one to create this kind of products in the high-end products;
A group of people willing to do our every one by one simple thing;
There is a concept to detail decides everything!
Your demand is our striving direction in female;